Creating songs at meeting time

Bye, bye yucky monster
Bye, bye gooey monster
Don’t come back another day
Bye, bye yucky monster
Stay far away.

By Asha

Spring comes
Spring, spring, spring

By Max

457999 Na, Na, Na

By Esther

Go away duck
Please come back another day.

By Aiden

Flowers talk
They splash in water
And they hide.

By Ivy

When I was little I remember…

Being a pumpkin on Halloween, coloring on my wall, falling down the stairs and having Lily Bean the cat.

Standing in the studio next to the brushes, my hair was really short, playing with Jamie, Ingrid and Nina.

Jumping and learning how to walk, Livvy was a cupcake for Halloween, sleeping in the car.

Falling down the stairs.