We read the book Mr.Cornell’s Dream Boxes. After enjoying the delightful book and talking about dreams some of the children began thinking of their dreams-

being a boy
being a mom
the moon
summer and camping
dragons and transformers and electricity
trucks, lightfish, helicopter
being in the nutcracker
ninjago ninjas were real
the shiny moon
being a princess
loving my mom
mermaids, fairies, ballerina, horses, and frozen

Each child received a dream box that they will use to think about their dreams. They will gather items, draw, write stories and songs for their boxes.





Creating songs at meeting time

Bye, bye yucky monster
Bye, bye gooey monster
Don’t come back another day
Bye, bye yucky monster
Stay far away.

By Asha

Spring comes
Spring, spring, spring

By Max

457999 Na, Na, Na

By Esther

Go away duck
Please come back another day.

By Aiden

Flowers talk
They splash in water
And they hide.

By Ivy