The Secret Box (a book without words)

Someone is opening a box.

I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s just something interesting, after this I’m going home.

I’m going out to drive to my friend’s house.

He’s riding the horse now.

It’s so busy in the city.  I don’t know what I’ll do.

I’m going to a restaurant with my friends.  Oh, it’s beds.  Friend, where do we sleep?

Oh in the beds.  Ok, I’ll go to sleep.

The friends are finding the same box.  Inside there is money and tickets.

I’m going to the amusement park and then back to my house.

I found maps!  I’ll go home and give it to my Mom.  I’ll be right back.

He’s playing with his friends and then they ran.

We’re in our backyard.  I’ll race you back.

Oh, we find a secret passage way to our house.

There is a beach!

There’s more steps-to the amusement park!

I’m going on the roller coaster because I love them.

And the ferris

We found the sea shore.

He’s in a little window at the amusement park.

Here’s the same boy from the beginning of the book.

That was fun!

He looks confused, let’s go to sleep.

Wait-there’s new kids finding the secret passage!

The house got busier and busier, more traffic and people.

Is it a long time ago?

How did they do that?Image


The Museum Trip (a book without words)

That museum is cool,we want to go there.

My shoe is untied so I’m going to tie it again and we’re going to look at what our teacher is telling us.

Everyone left!  Where did my class go?  No wonder I can’t find them, this place is so big!

I”m looking at a box now, and there is a statue.

I see something, I think they might be in there!  Oh, it’s a maze!

He’s using his imagination, he’s pretending that he’s in the maze.

He’s dreaming that he’s in the maze.  There is a tree in there and he’s running to it.

Yay! I’m there! But where’s the teacher?

I just got in another maze but I don’t want any more mazes because I’ll get lost again.

He’s in a different maze, the castle one.

Maybe there’s metal and gold in the statue.

He went in the door and he sat down. His eyes are closing, maybe he sleeping.

Someone is giving him a medal.

Oh, I was thinking about them.

I forgot about finding my class, I better find them.

He ran to his class!

He gets to keep the medal and it’s just like the man’s medal.  

The man gave one to him!

The man’s Imagejob is ringing the bell on the top of the museum.