Bottle Stories

I love taking care of him and giving him rest. He likes to get rocked. I made him a diaper, shirt and pants. He likes eating cheese.



Flora is sweet to other people. She hugs them. I feed her apple cider and chicken too. She loves our race cars and she goes on top of them and they go “broom”!
She’s a cow and when I touch her gently she gives milk



My story begins with Elle. I work at the doctor so if she gets sick I take care of her. There is food there and milk and blankets. She doesn’t cry if I make a bed for her.



My baby is Pink baby. I tickle her sometimes. I hug her and kiss her. I feed her broccoli and chicken and pasta too and potatoes. I take her outside and swing her in the baby swing. I feel happy about her.



His name is Shark. I put him in the tank with dish that he eats. He eats shrimp I give him at dinner. He comes to the too of the tank. The tank is outside. He plays tag with the fish. He only eats the bad fish like shark and snapper fish. He’ll eat any poison fish. I love him.



Bottle likes it when I hold and squish her. I like to roll her I put her in a crib.



I like Bobo when we run and jump. We fly and dance and bump. I like when we sing and dance. And music too. Good friends too.




He’s a boy lion. His clothes have a button so they stay on. It’s fur!! I like to check him everyday of school. He likes to eat meat everyday~ he has enough right now. He’s sparkly pink.



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