Sing a song

The words to a song were written before a performance.

The Written Song

Listen to the performance, and listen to our friendly supportive community.


Letter to Mommy

Dear Mommy,

I made lots of straight lines.



Bees go to flowers cause that’s what they do for real. Then the bee met a spider. Then the red ant came and stinged the bee cause the bee poured honey on the spider. He stung the beetle too but he used his shell to protect himself. And then the black bee came and stung the pinch bug. And then the pinch bug got dead.
There was a castle in front near the bee hive and the bee flew past it. In the castle their were really pretty pictures to look at. And then the bee noticed he passed the castle and then he noticed that it had a flower roof and jumped on the flower and took the pollen back to the hive and made honey.
There was a lion seeing the bee and he wanted to be friends with the bee. There was a cat and a bee flying near it stung it. Then the bee stung the other bee. That bee was a bad bee!!🐝


Our beehive